Know What Kind of Bariatric Surgery Is Right for You?

You might have tried every possible diet and committed to an exercise regime- but weight loss is a distinct dream. If you fall into the obese category then bariatric surgery might be what the doctor ordered. A couple of weight loss surgeries are sleeve gastrostomy and Y gastric bypass. For an average patient who is overweight, both options might suffice. Though there could be cases where one option outweighs the other. The question is how to decide which surgery of weight loss is best suited for your needs.

Options of bariatric surgery

An individual is a candidate for bariatric surgery in the following cases

  • If the body mass index is above 40
  • If you are between the age of 35 years to 40 years and are suffering from diabetes, sleep apnoea, or high blood pressure.
  • Between the age of 35 to 40 years and a victim of uncontrolled diabetes.

Figuring out the right procedure calls for a discussion between the candidate and the doctor. The history, conditions, or expectations of a patient are considered and a plan is formulated. The doctors perform weight loss surgeries with minimal evasive methods. It means fewer incisions on the abdomen and faster recovery. The patients go home the next day after the surgery as the recovery time is hardly a couple of weeks.

Gastric bypass surgery

It is a surgical procedure to shrink your stomach in combination with the calories or food the body absorbs. On the top part, the stomach is disconnected and a small pouch is made where the GI is rerouted. The moment a patient consumes food it reaches the small intestine directly as around 95 %of the stomach is bypassed.

The method is powerful than a sleeve gastrostomy. Patients are expected to lose an extra 10 to 20 pounds with it. It is suited for patients

  • BMI on the higher side as people with more weight require gastric bypass surgery
  • People suffering from reflux acid influx- after a gastric bypass surgery acid influx improves
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Sleeve gastrostomy surgery

It is referred to as a gastric sleeve as it is operational only on the stomach. Surgeons are going to remove 80 % to 85 % of the stomach leaving only a small portion. The method is a lot safer than gastric bypass as the risk of complication is a mere 3 %. It is suited for patients

  • People who weigh above 450 pounds- if there is too much fat it can limit the space on the abdomen. Surgeons require space to reroute the GI tract and lack of space makes the surgery impossible.
  • High-risk surgical patients- Sleeve gastrostomy is a lot easier on patients than gastric bypass. The recovery rate is faster and the time of anaesthesia is shorter. Patients in the high-risk category include people with lung problems.

To sum up, things a comparison of gastric sleeve vs gastric bypass indicates has its own set of pros along with cons. Though the objective is to understand what an individual is looking to achieve.